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Horror Beloved

Status update on our comic:

Hey all! My friend and I are creating/running the webcomic, "Odin's Children," which is a pseudo-manga styled shounen-ai/sci-fi adventure. I'm just giving a heads up because we've decided to change the format from black and white with screen tones to full color. We've had a few issues where people were mixing certain characters up, and the tones were a bit more fickle to lay down, where as color is something we both can do. So without further ado, I re-present:

Odin's Children: A Sci-fi, Shounen-ai internet manga!

Also, if you like what you see, join the Project Odin community, where Winds and I will post updates, banter, and polls concerning the comic. (And of course, you're always free to input as well!) Also, if you're interested or already a member, check us out on http://www.onlinecomics.net/pages/details/listing.php?comicID=11501&sp=true

(Our baby community, Project Odin!)

(Disclaimer: contains shounen-ai and some adult language and themes)
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