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Comic Writers

A Gathering of worthless ideas that don't pertain to anything in real life...

Webcomic Writers Community
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This is a community(like so many other ones out there...) that is dedicated to webcomics, or comics in general.

This is a place to talk about comics, but has a main focus as a place for comic writers/artists, as well as soon to be comic writers/artists and wannabe writers/artists, to gather and talk about their comic/crique/show drawings/announce their comic/talk about another's comic/random crap that may have little if any relevance to comics in general.

If you have a suggestion for the interests, go ahead and post somewhere, and I'll add it.

I guess that there are a few rules, however. Don't be unnessesaraly mean towards people without a reason, try to stay on topic, and if you want to show any of your lewd drawings, at least put up a link with a warning, that way this'll stay sort of a clean community.
I hope.