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ppl who are in the same communities as me are gonna my reposting

I posted this topic in the writing comics community and it sparked some good conversation, maybe it'll hit home with some one here too.

I enjoy doing the Mantel comic but it's a comic about random humor. Something pops in my head and I put it down on paper. I have another project I'm writing which I'm currently calling "The Feziwig Chronicles." I have four different stories in mind revolving around at least two main characters. I have notes every where, I keep writing and rewriting plot,dialog, and character background. I keep bouncing ideas around in my head and when I actually sit down to write a chapter in full I always run into writer's block.

What I'd like to know is do any other writers go through the same shenanigans? How do you keep yourself organized and on track? What do you do to get rid of writer's block? What keeps you interested and motivated to continue the stories you write? I'd just like some tips and to read some stories about the things I just mentioned so I don't feel like the world's most disorganised writer.
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